Naughty and Nice Anthology

I received the Naughty and Nice anthology that features Ruthie Knox, Molly O’Keefe, and Stefanie Sloane from Netgalley.  I requested the anthology because I love, love, love Christmas!

I won’t do an overview of this book because I haven’t finished 2 of the 3 stories and I don’t plan on it.  I did read the Ruthie Knox story and enjoyed it. I didn’t realize that the Molly O’Keefe story was part of the Crooked Creek Series. I read the first book in the series, Can’t Buy Me Love, and didn’t like it.  I tried to start the second book because I always give second shots, but I had to put it down after two chapters.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ll give the series another shot.  As for Stefanie Sloane’s story, I’m going to read it later today.  I didn’t know that her part of the anthology was a regency tale.  I’m not into historical romances, but I will read them from time to time.  I haven’t read anything from Stefanie before, so I want to see what she’s got. 

Review of ROOM AT THE INN by Ruthie Knox:

I enjoyed Room at the Inn, but I wouldn’t say it was awesome.  I loved the female lead, Julie. She had such strength and a wonderful, giving heart.  I could see myself being friends with her and also idolizing her.  Carson, I wanted to love him, but I felt he was such a let down.  I understand his need to prove himself, but I’m not happy with 16 years of his dragging Julie along.  I know she moved on somewhat, had other loves, but dude! You had the perfect lady and you gave her up. What the heck. The ending definitely helped make up for his dumbness though.

I enjoy Ruthie Knox as a writer, I think this novella was sweet and the perfect length. I give her story 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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Lynnie is an avid reader with a soft spot for romance. Her addiction to all things lovey-dovey began when she was introduced to the black-haired, blue-eyed angel named Prince Eric at the age of 4. Once she realized she could never win his heart from Ariel, Lynnie aimed her sight on more realistic options, like Cory Matthews and the members of NSYNC. Now nearing her 30s, Lynnie is living her happily-ever-after in a small New England town. She shares her castle with her very own Prince Charming and their 2 (fur) babies. When she is not reading for pleasure, Lynnie is a freelance editor and writer.
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