Review: Building Our Love by Crystal Perkins

Building Our Love (Griffin Brothers #2) by Crystal Perkins
Release Date: July 9, 2014


A secret that tore them apart…
Chloe Jamison has spent three years away from the love of her life for reasons she can’t reveal. When a scandal causes her to lose her job prospects as an interior designer, she has no one else to turn to except for the family that was once like her own. Architect Ryan Griffin waited five years for the girl he loved to be ready and then she dumped him for someone else after giving him her virginity. When she comes back into his life, needing his family’s help and wanting him back, he vows to protect his heart at all costs.
An arrangement that has to be broken…
Agreeing to give him her body whenever he wants it, Chloe soon realizes that having only a piece of Ryan will never be enough. When he comes to the same conclusion, they reignite their relationship while mixing business with endless nights of pleasure. Combining their talents in and out of the bedroom, it seems nothing can come between them this time. But, lingering issues with trust may end their relationship for good. Chloe and Ryan’s love for each other, along with the revelation of the secret from three years ago, may not be enough to get them past the hurt they have inflicted on each other a second time.
Is love really worth it if you have to fight so hard to keep it?



Building Our Love is the second book in the Griffin Brothers series by Crystal Perkins. Each book is a standalone, so you will not be clueless if you pick this book up first. To be honest, I was almost 3/4 of the way through this book when I remembered it was part of a series and I did, in fact, read the first book (and it gives a hint on how I feel about the series).

I’m sad to say I’m not a fan of this series. The writing isn’t bad, it does keep you reading, but the characters are so-so. In Building Our Love, the “hero” is Ryan Griffin. It’s obvious from the start that he has a horrible history with his love interest, Chloe, but his behavior is appalling. He spends the first few chapters degrading Chloe, making her “service” his needs when he chooses, while being a complete ass to her. Ryan does make up for his poor behavior, but he eventually cancels out any progress he’s made with an accusation.

Chloe was a doormat. She bows down to Ryan’s demands, trying to prove herself worthy, but how does that prove anything? She’s accepting of him treating her like a whore he believes she is. She does develop a backbone, but she’s too weak of a person.

I feel bad that this is such a negative review. The secondary characters are interesting to an extent, and once I remembered that some of them were in the first book, I enjoyed catching up with them. While I’m not a fan of the series, I will probably continue reading it because I’m OCD like that.


Please do not base your judgement solely on my review. Everyone has their own opinions, so do give it a try if you like the premise.

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