Review: Only One by Tammy Falkner

Only One (Reed Brothers #5.5) by Tammy Falkner
Release Date: August 12, 2014

He knows the value of life.
She’s still learning.
What would you do if you had one last moment to say goodbye? Would you take it?

(While this book is about Nick and Carrie, two brand new characters, the Reeds – the whole lot of them – do show up in this book. And there might even be a teeny-tiny little Reed Brothers reveal hidden in the pages. Shh! Don’t tell anyone!


I am a huge Tammy Falkner fan. I admit to stalking her twitter and facebook in hopes of glimpses of what’s to come. I’ve been waiting for this book to be released for months, when it originally was supposed to be out before Proving Paul’s Promise (which I reviewed last month). Mrs. Falkner didn’t give any hints what this novella would be about, besides the title and the Reed connection, until she posted the first chapter online the other day. Up until then, based on the title, I thought Only One was going to tell the tale of how Henry fell in love with his beloved wife. Boy was I surprised (and slightly disappointed) when I found out it was about completely new characters!

Only One is the story of two recent high school grads, Nick and Carrie, who used to spend summers together during their childhoods. Family issues cause the lovebirds to drift apart, until Carrie returns to spend the summer with her mother. I would say the biggest aspect of the novella isn’t the romances, but the importance of forgiveness and family. I did enjoy Nick and Carrie together, but I was left wanting more. We didn’t get to see the couple together as much as I would have hoped and the happily-for-now, fade to black ending was annoying after such an emotional roller coaster.

The Reed brothers and their families were very present in Only One. Taking place a few months after the epilogue of PPP, we see how fame is treating them and learn some exciting news. Seth has a small role in this novella, so I’m hoping when he finally gets his time to shine, maybe we’ll get to revisit Carrie and Nick.

I enjoyed Only One, but not as much as I’ve loved the Reed brother’s books or the previous novellas. The writing was great, I even teared up, but I felt too much was left open-ended, and secondary characters unexplored. Maybe it was intentional, but with ZZZ’s characters already announced, and the future series in the works, I don’t know when Mrs. Falkner would have time to come back to Nick and Carrie’s friends and beach town.
I was also surprised by the price. The full length novels are $3.99 and the 38pp novella for EEE & RR was $0.99, but Only One which was 1/3 of the length of the previous novels was $2.99. If you’re like me and you spend too much on books, I recommend Kobo since they allow promo codes. You can download the app to most devices.

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